Best Massage Lotions 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

For all those at the giving as well as the receiving end of a massage session, the need for a source of lubrication to minimize friction between the hands of the masseuse and the client is an urgent requirement.

While many would use oils for such a purpose, some clients prefer a nongreasy/oily post-massage effort for which, massage creams or massage lotions, in particular, are utilized. 

best massage cream

Regardless of whether you may be a professional masseuse or even an amateur for the sake of giving a relaxing massage to a loved one or family, If it is a decent massage cream you are in search of, then you have come to the right place.

This post, in particular, provides a holistic viewpoint of which massage creams available within the market sphere considered among the best massage creams, along with their usage, methods of creating a DIY massage cream. 

In case you're in a hurry, you can simply skim through my top list below.

Best Massage Lotions 2019

1. Why Do You Need a Massage Cream? 

why do you need a massage cream

For all those of whom are just entering the world of massages regardless of whether as a masseuse or as prospective massage clients might ask, why even need a massage cream in the first place? Well, to sum it in the best possible manner I would say as per my years of receiving massages for relaxation as well as physical recovery, a massage without a massage cream/oil is extraordinarily unpleasant and highly dry. 

1.1 - Effortless Gliding

To start off, among the core reasons behind why a massage cream is an essential requirement is to optimize the massage experience by helping the massaging hand glide effortlessly, without which, increased fiction will result in a somewhat painful experience. Acting as a lubricant, the choice of massage cream aids in minimizing fiction taking place as well as helping the masseuse use a lesser amount of force for comfortably gliding their hands upon the client's targeted body section.

1.2 - Varying Lubrication Levels

What makes the utilization of a massage cream even more helpful for masseuse is that due to a broad market sphere, prospective users/buyers can choose from among a variety of massage creams which offer differing lubrication levels. A massaging cream that may allow more fiction will be ideal for a deep-tissue massage experience whereas, a for a massaging session that involves effleurage massage techniques primarily will align best with a massaging cream that delivers comparatively lesser levels of fiction.

If you are convinced about purchasing a massage cream or lotion; however, are unaware of the top most preferred options within the market sphere, then continue on reading!

2. Benefits of Using a Massage Cream

benefits of using a massage cream

If by now you are still confused or uncertain regarding the utilization of a massage cream or a lotion to give/receiving a full body massage experience then let me tell you, the core benefits listed below will be sure to turn you into a loyal user of massaging cream/lotions. Let's get right to it then!

2.1 - Minimizing Fiction Based Discomfort

The primary most benefit comes in the form of the massaging cream or lotion aiding the hand glide with optimal ease over the skin, without which, great fiction caused can result in a rather unpleasant experience.

Acting as a lubricant, regardless of whether a massage lotion is used or cream, both aid in minimizing friction; therefore allowing the masseuse to use a lesser amount of force for comfortably gliding their hands upon the clients targeted body section.

2.2 - No Stains

Unlike oils which can easily stain sheets or clothes which come in contact with it, massaging lotions are also a popular option among masseuse since they leave behind a stainless effect. This way less time can be spent upon optimizing the massage experience for clients than upon fretting over how difficult it might be to remove oil-based stains from linen.

2.3 - Moisturizer as a Bonus

Massaging lotions, as well as full body massage creams, serve the purpose of being an excellent form of moisturizers not only for delivering relaxation but also to replenish the skin of clients. Especially in the winter season when the skin tends to become flaky and dry, a massage session featuring an effective massaging cream/lotion can be an excellent form of keeping the skin hydrated as well as the body fully relaxed.

2.4 - Do not Require Often Re-application

What distinguishes a regular over-the-counter lotion from a massaging cream or a massaging lotion specially formulated to be used as a lubricant in massage sessions is its thick consistency. Due to massaging creams and lotions being thicker in texture, a comparatively lesser number of applications are required and do the job at a satisfactory standard.

Not only can the masseuse save their time, but also save extra money.

2.5 - Aromatherapy

To further enhance the level of relaxation, most massaging creams, as well as massage lotions, have a variety of flavors as well as scents incorporated within for creating an environment ideal for aromatherapy along with real massage. Certain smells combined within such as Lavender and Tea Tree can aid with improved sleep cycles as well as reduction of anxiety among clients.

3. Best Massage Creams 2019

best massage chairs and lotions

Do you wish to purchase a reliable yet a highly effective massaging cream or massage lotion via If so, then you are in luck, since this post alone contains detailed reviews of the Top 5 best massage creams and lotions in 2019.

Without further adieu, let's get to them, shall we!

Bon Vital' Deep Tissue Massage Lotion

  1. Highly moisturizing for the skin of clients while at the same time does not leave behind a greasy or an oily feel via effective absorption. 
  2. A vast range of skin nutrients is incorporated within including but not limited to Vitamin A, E, C, B5 for a thoroughly enriching experience for the skin.
  3. Featuring a water-dispersible nature allows convenience for the masseuse to quickly clean up any extra from the client's skin via a wash towel.
  4. A pumpable nozzle allows users the ability to control the number of massage lotions being used, as well as provides air-tight storage for long-term utilization.
  5. The Bon Vital’ Deep Tissue Massage Lotion is available in 8-ounce container bottles as well as ½ a gallon depending upon the frequency of utilization by the masseuse.
  6. Utmost convenience is delivered to users via varying fiction levels in the form of a variety of blends such as; Swedish, Deep-tissue, Coconut, Organica, Original and Therapeutic Touch. 


  • Available in a range of different blends.

  • Features an extremely reasonable price.

  • The Bon Vital’ Deep Tissue Massage Lotion is paraben-free, Nut-oil free and gluten free.


  • The ½ gallon container does not come with a pumping nozzle, without which the lotion can be subject to spilling when shifting it from the big container into a small sized bottle for convenience.

I would rate the Bon Vital’ Deep Tissue Massage Lotion with a total of 4 stars out of 5. Not only because of its reasonable price but also since it provides the ideal glide initially during Swedish massage warming techniques, yet; become tacky when in turn for a deep tissue massage without leaving behind any residue.

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream

  1. A carefully made formula allows for the massage cream to be used for a full-body massage experience whether it is the face, the neck, back, feet or even the hand's clients wish to be targeted. 
  2. A sheer total of 18 months of shelf life is featured by the Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream allowing for long-term storage.
  3. The massaging cream is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 4-ounce options for the masseuse to choose whichever best suits them.
  4. The massaging cream is fully grease-less, therefore; does not leave behind any stains on linen.
  5. The cream is fully fragrance-free and as a result, can be used as a base for adding essential oils to deliver aromatherapy. 


  • The Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream can maintain its consistency even at the end of a massage session without making the skin greasy.

  • The massaging cream is gluten, fragrance, and cruelty-free.


  • The 5-gallon bottle is relatively a lot more expensive than other massage creams on the market.

The Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream features a total of 4.5 stars out of 5. Even over extensive utilization, The Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream can go a long way via a whole storage life as well as minimal reapplication required.

PrePak Products Freeup Massage Cream
  1. Formulated as such to ensure a slow absorption rate, the PrePak Products Freeup Massage Cream can aid in saving the effort of reapplication as well as money, since only a little amount can cover a large massage area. 
  2. Featuring an entirely unscented formula, buyers and professional masseuse are provided the option to create various blends using the massaging lotion as the base, while essential oils can help with adding additional properties such as fragrance.
  3. Due to the thick consistency of the massaging cream, it is ideal for carrying out a soft tissue massage experience.


  • Additional blends can be created via adding essential oils to add aroma or beneficial properties.

  • The massaging cream even over long-term usage goes a long way due to minimal cream required for covering large massage sections.


  • Due to having a relatively more creamy base, the PrePak Products Freeup Massage Cream may slightly stain sheets. Therefore, it is advised to use dark leaves when using this product for massage purposes.

I would rate the PrePak Products Freeup Massage Cream with 4.5 out of 5 stars primarily because of being the ideal balance between being not too quick with absorption as well as not being too greasy as to leave an unpleasant feeling upon the skin of clients.

Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream

  1. Featuring Gluten-free, Nut-oil free and fragrance-free properties, the Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream can be used for a vast clientele list due to the manufacturing formula avoiding the incorporation of core skin allergens. 
  2. All organic elements are utilized within the masking of the massage cream for enhancing its beneficial properties it has to offer to the skin of clients.
  3. Being water dispersible delivers users the convenience of being able to clean up any additional cream that may not be required via a washcloth or a towel. 


  • The Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream has an extremely concentrated formula which as a result minimizes cream reapplication.

  • The massaging cream is available in 1 gallon and 8oz. Container options.

  • The massage cream features a relatively reasonable price.


  • The container bottles do not consist of a pumping nozzle for easy use.

I would rate the Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream with an aggregate of 4.7 stars out of 5. Its pure organic ingredients used within, immense nourishment provided to the skin as well as fragrance-free and gluten-free properties are what makes the Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream an ideal choice.

Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion
  1. The absence of any fragrances incorporated between allows for mixing essential oils if the client requests. 
  2. Having minimal oil based properties embedded within leaves behind minimal grease; therefore, preventing the clogging of pores.
  3. Serving the purpose of being an effective moisturizer, the Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion delivers an excellent glide regardless of whether being utilized within a Swedish or a Deep-tissue massage.
  4. A bottle even when used with relative frequency, can last up to 3-5 months due to incorporating a concentrated formula which requires minimal reapplication.


  • The Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion is nut-oil free, therefore; minimizing the possibility of allergens.

  • A greasy residue is not left upon the skin of clients.


  • A minimal stain if left behind on linen, therefore; frequent changing of sheets may be required when utilizing the Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion.

I would rate the Soothing Touch Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion with 4.4 stars out of a total of 5. Although the massage lotion itself delivers an optimal glide; however, regardless of being labeled as ‘unfragranced’ I did notice a same herbal scent to the massage lotion itself.

4. How to Make Your Massage Cream At Home

homemade massage cream

I have a treat for all those of whom that intend on saving up some extra cash by making their massage creams or full body massaging lotions at home rather than buying them from the store. Within this post, I will in specific discuss the procedure as well as raw ingredients required for formulating the ideal massage cream for you.

Once you get the hang of the process via practice, a variety of blends incorporating different scents as well as fiction-levels can also be perfected over time and with experience to best suit massage clients.

To get your D.I.Y skills going, keep on reading!

Ingredients Required: 

  • Melted ¾ cup Apricot oil

  • Grated Beeswax ½ of an Oz

  • Aloe Vera gel ⅓ of a cup

  • Rosewater ⅔ of a cup

  • Pure Lanolin 2 Oz

  • Personal choice of scented oil (optional)


First and foremost, the grated Beeswax should be placed over medium-low heat within a double-boiler. In case you do not have a double boiler or can not seem to make one yourself, the elements can be melted within a microwave-safe utensil inside a microwave.

Once the Beeswax has melted, add in the thawed ¾ cup of Apricot oil while you let the mixture combine over low heat. Once fully melted, remove the dough from the stove and let it cool.

Once the mixture has sufficiently cooled, add in the Aloe Vera gel as well as the ⅔ of a cup of Rosewater along with 2 Oz pure Lanolin. Add the mixture into a heavy-duty blender on high-speed for a timed minute to minute-and-a-half.

The consistency of the mixture will thicken once blended upon high-speed. If you wish to add an element of your desired aroma within the massaging lotion, then be sure to add a few drops of scented oil within the finished mixture before you place it into an air-tight container.

Keep in mind that each scent will have a differing effect upon the skin type and preferences of the clients, many blends featuring different aromatic therapy forms can be created via utilizing the base ingredients and produce while different scented oils are added within.

Not only does making your massaging lotion or creams save time and money, but can also be a fun process once the hang of the entire procedure has been excelled.


5. How to Use and Apply Full Body Massage Cream or Lotion

how to apply full body massage cream

If you have finally chosen to indulge your clients in the relaxation massage creams or full body massage lotions have to offer, then it is best advised also to be fully aware of the professional way by which the experience can be accentuated via utilizing a massaging cream/lotion.

This subsection within the post will aid with thoroughly polishing the massage experience being delivered to clients, let's get to it then, shall we!

Step 1

To fully showcase your professional style, instead of directly using your hands, firstly on a plastic spatula, squirt a pea-sized massaging cream/massage lotion. Via the spatula, apply the massaging cream/lotion onto the desired area for the massage, as mentioned before, due to the thick consistency of massage designated creams/lotions even a pea-sized amount can cover a significant portion.

Also, utilizing a clean plastic spatula will aid in avoiding the spreading of germs in cases where the massaging cream or lotion is shared with others.

Step 2

Make sure your hands are thoroughly sanitized. Rub both your hands together in a continuous motion until they are warm enough, before proceeding with beginning the massage session. Lightly use your thumbs and fingers in movements you desire best to spread out the massaging cream over the body section or part of the client you wish to target via massage.

Step 3 

Rub the massaging cream with the help of your thumbs, fingers as well as your palms, if you feel as though excess has been used then utilize a towel to wipe off any undesired massaging cream from the client's body.

Voila, there you have it. The ideal form of utilizing massage creams or lotions to deliver an optimized full body massage experience to clients.

6. Why is Menthol Utilized Within Massage Cream/Lotions

why is menthol used in massage creams

Menthol in its form is a waxy-like clear substance synthetically created via utilizing primarily corn-oil and mint-oils such as peppermint etc. When applied topically, menthol is best known for provoking a cooling sensation on the skin without actually causing a change in the skin temperature.

Therefore, through dilating blood vessels present within the skin of users leads to increased blood flow and circulation around the area.

Menthol within safe amounts is found as an ingredient within several massage creams as well as massage lotions, specifically, those of whom who are targeted towards massages that optimize physical recovery or healing.

Due to the properties of creating a cooling sensation as well as increasing blood-flow within the applied area, massage creams which contain Menthol are among the carrying essentials for those of which are hired for delivering messages to sports athletes.

Via creating a cooling sensation, heat being produced by nerves as a result of pain being felt following an injury or cramped muscle is reduced; thus, also playing a significant role in the reduction of pain being felt.

Specific clients also prefer the utilization of massage creams or massage lotions containing menthol for the sheer purpose of relaxation since the tingling, cooling sensation ‘makes them feel good.’

Whether your clients come to you for physical recovery, for relaxation via a massage incorporating a cooling-tingling sensation or even for a massage which will leave them with a body aroma affiliated with mint; every professional masseuse must have a sufficient number of massage creams stocked up with contain Menthol as among their core ingredients.

7. Can Massage Creams or Massage Lotions be Mixed with Essential Oils?

massage creams with essential oils

After reading the section regarding making your massage cream or lotion at home, it may have become apparent to you that the utilization of essential oils within massage creams or massage lotions is a common phenomenon.

Most commonly, essential oils are used as an ingredient within massage creams to incorporate an aromatic element within the massage experience being delivered. However, the answer to the question ‘Can massage creams or massage lotions be mixed with essential oils?’ is not as simple as it may seem.

Before carrying out the mixing of both massage creams or massage lotions with essential oils, professional masseuse considers some elements, specifically many of those mentioned in this subsection.

7.1 Allergic/Reactive Components 

Utilising a massaging cream or lotions which is customized via adding essential, that leads to an allergic or an adverse reaction to the skin or body of clients is among the biggest nightmares of a professional masseuse. Not only can it lead to facing a lawsuit but also the loss of clientele.

When choosing to mix massage lotions or massaging creams with essential oils even if it is to add an enhanced aroma, one must initially be aware of any to all ingredients a client may be allergic to, for avoiding any adverse situations that may require immediate medical aid.

A detailed intake process for clients will help ensure a masseuse to be aware of when it may be safe to play around with mixing massage creams or massage lotions with a specific type of essential oil.

7.2 Choosing the Ideal Essential Oil

It is best advised via experience not to mix already formulated massage lotions or massage creams with essential oils just for the sake of it.

Professional masseuse choose to opt for mixing the massaging lotions/creams with preselected essentials oils which aid to serve a specified purpose, e.g., Apricot oil has skin softening properties and can help as an excellent choice for mixing with massaging lotions or creams in safe dosage for not only relaxing but also replenishing and softening the skin of clients.

Overall, opting to utilize essential oils mixed with massage lotions or massage creams can help benefit not only your business but also aid with delivering an enhanced massage experience to clients. However; one must always be fully aware of the properties of essential oils being used as well as the core principles of mixing essential oils with massage lotions or creams to best safeguard your clients as well as your brand image.

8. Massage Creams & Lotions VS Massage Oils 

massage creams vs massage oils

Can’t seem to make up your mind about whether to use massage creams or massage lotions for a full-body massage session or to opt for using massage oils? Well, let me tell you, personal preference of the client as well as that of the therapist is what matters most.

Utilising each element has its distinctive properties along with which differing advantages, as well as disadvantages, are created. If you wish to know more about which component you should utilize when delivering a massage to clients, then it is best advised to analyze each of the Pros and Cons mentioned in this subsection.


8.1 Advantages of Utilizing Massage Creams & Massage Lotions 

  • Although a majority of massage creams or massage lotions consist of an oily base they, however, are still easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, therefore, leaving a very subtle layer of oil upon the surface of clients.
  • An effective massage cream can serve the purpose of being as a moisturizer for effectively penetrating the skin and hydrating it, especially within the winter season.
  • Essential oils can be added into massage creams or massage lotions for creating the element of an aromatic therapy.
  • Several effective massage creams and lotions contain vitamins which are essential to keep the skin looking healthy and glowing such as Vitamin E and Vitamin D.
  • Massage creams or massage lotions do not stain any lined being used; therefore, saving time and effort.
  • Massage creams can be easy to store and can quickly be made even at home to aid in creating customized versions for clients. 

8.2 Disadvantages of Utilizing Massage Creams and Lotions

  • At times, plastic components may have been used during the process of manufacturing the massage cream or massage lotion, which can prove to be harmful over the long run for the skin of clients.

8.3 Advantages of Utilizing Massage Oils

  • Due to the dense consistency of massage oils, they protect the lipid barrier of the skin, aiding with retaining maximum moisture.
  • Oils which are labeled as being ‘100% pure’ do not clog pores.
  • Massage oils serve the purpose of not only delivering an excellent massage gliding motions but also deliver additional aromatic therapy via incorporated scents.

8.4 Disadvantages of Utilizing Massage Oils

  • Massage oils stain any linen they come in contact with, which can be a significant inconvenience for a masseuse.
  • Oils can often create a mess if not stored in appropriate containers.
  • Oils can spill very quickly due to which, a pumping nozzle is essential for when utilizing oils in a massage therapy session.


It is best preferred for professional masseuse to have an extensive amount of knowledge of all forms of lubrication utilized within massage sessions whether massage creams, massage lotions or even massage oils. The choice of which lubrication to use on a specific time depends solely upon the preference of the therapist as well as that of clients to attain optimal results.


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