Best Brookstone Foot Massager 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The foot-massagers industry is ever-booming in today’s times, mainly since people can no longer take out the time as well as afford daily visits to the spa or a professional masseuse for unwinding, massage sessions. An easy alternative was brought forward in the form of massage chairs, following which foot massaging devices were then introduced. 

Featuring sheer portability due to their compact size, along with a relatively reasonable price tag, opting for a Foot massager is an advisable option for those who suffer from chronic foot aches, as well as those that have a highly labor-intensive lifestyle.

brookstone foot massager

Regular foot massages not only help with relaxing users but also aid with enhancing physical wellness via eradication of strain/tension trapped within; therefore, assisting with blood-circulation. 

If you have made up your mind about the purchasing a foot massager; however in search of the one which will best suit you, then I would recommend carrying out your homework before the purchase. It is essential to primarily take a look at varying models alongside the manufacturers to be able to analyze which will best suit each prospective buyer's personal needs. 

In case you are intrigued about Foot and Leg massagers manufactured under Brookstone, then my friend you have come to the right place! Within this post, not only will I give you an introduction into Brookstone as a manufacturer, but also review some of its topmost Foot and Leg massagers within the market sphere. 

Let's get to it then, shall we! 

5 Best Brookstone Massagers 2020

best brookstone foot massagers
Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

The stand-out feature of the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager, in my opinion, has without a doubt got to be the ability for the foot massager to be able to cater feet size of up till 12.5 US with men, and 14 US with women.

The ability to provide relatively larger as well as at the same time, smaller feet sizes of users can deliver utmost convenience, particularly in cases where there are multiple users of the device purchased. 

To be able to cater users, both who enjoy a relatively more intense, deep-tissue massage experience as well as those that give preference to a subtle, more softer massage session, the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager has embedded within both deep-kneading rollers along with air-compression massagers.

Furthermore, for utmost user convenience, an aggregate of 3 automatically preset massage programs are integrated within the massaging system including Soothe, Pulse, and Energise. Each automatic preset program is designed with the consultation of professionals in the industry, to ensure the delivery of optimal results. 

Heat transmitters embedded within the massager further enhance the effectiveness of the massage motions being penetrated the user's feet by loosening tensed or strained muscles of users. 

Lastly, for easy cleaning, the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager has zip-lining utilized as its outer lining so that it can easily be removed when in need of cleaning following continuous usage. 

Weighing only 12.6 pounds along with a relatively reasonable price, I would recommend the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager to prospective buyers.

Brookstone Therasqueeze Foot and Calf Massager

What is it that makes the Brookstone Therasqueeze Foot and Calf Massager special? Well, I would say it’s the ability to not only massage the feet of users but also provide a profoundly relaxing experience the calves of each user. 

Featuring an upgraded design, the Brookstone Therasqueeze Foot and Calf Massager can comfortably provide more space to the feet and calves so that users with a relatively more broad structure can enjoy a relaxing experience as well.

A total of 3 varying automatically preset massage programs are embedded within the Brookstone Therasqueeze Foot and Calf Massager including Foot & Calf program, only Foot program and lastly, only Calf program. 

For providing users with an element of customization, an aggregate of 3 massage intensity settings are incorporated within for caterings users who prefer varying intensity standards, including Low, Medium and High. Alongside foot rollers embedded within for massage purposes, Dynamic Air Squeeze is also incorporated within, which helps with increasing blood-circulation with the help of rhythmic contraction and expansion. 

Weighing an aggregate of 27.6 pounds along with a price budget of less than $300, the Brookstone Therasqueeze Foot and Calf Massager should be kept into consideration by prospective buyers looking for both a foot as well as a calf massager, two-in-one. 

The F10 TheraSqueeze Pro Foot Massager by Brookstone gains an edge over other similar massagers by targeting not only the feet of users, but also the calves along with the legs of users up till the knees.

Such vast massager coverage ensures the effective eradication of tension as well as strains trapped within the legs of users which may have been caused due to a highly labor-intensive routine. 

It has a total of three highly specialized massage programs incorporated within in the form of automatically preset massages including Deep-Kneading Shiatsu, Dynamic Squeeze Massager and Vibration. 

For effective massage coverage via Dynamic Squeeze, a sheer total of 24 air chambers are embedded within this massager to aid with delivering optimal massage relaxation. 

Heat transmitters spread out within the foot massage as well as the calf massage area help with enhancing the massage penetration levels to ensure the loosening as well as eventual eradication of strain that may have previously compressed any core nerves within the legs/feet of users.

Therefore, the heat transmitters embedded in the massager not only help with the elimination of strain tapped inside but also with enhancing blood circulation effectively. 

The only drawback of this massager is in the form of its relatively bigger size, which then limits the element of easy portability for users and buyers. 

I would still; however, recommend the F10 TheraSqueeze Pro Foot Massager by Brookstone to prospective buyers due to the sheer standard of relaxation it delivers with the highly-advanced massage features embedded inside. 

What I seem to like most about the TheraSqueeze II Foot and Calf Massager is the integration of a kick-stand at the base of the massager itself, which allows for users to be able to recline the massager with ease, when required manually. 

Automatically preset massages are embedded inside the TheraSqueeze II Foot and Calf Massager by Brookstone in the form of Calf and Foot Massage, only Foot Massage and only Calf Massage. Each preset massage session is carefully integrated and designed with the help of licensed medical practitioners in the field, to ensure the delivery of the optimal most massage results. 

The TheraSqueeze II Foot and Calf Massager by Brookstone provide each user with the element of customization with the aid of varying massage intensity options. Regardless of whether you enjoy a deep-tissue massage session or a relatively subtle massage motion, the TheraSqueeze II Foot and Calf Massager by Brookstone will have you fully covered. 

What I the TheraSqueeze II Foot and Calf Massager does lack; however, is a heat transmitter integrated inside; therefore, highly jeopardizing the level of physical recovery which can be attained. 

brookstone i need soothing foot massager

What I like most about the Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager is how user-friendly it is, featuring basic start/off, and remaining features buttons right in the middle, allowing for easy accessibility and utilization. 

Automatically preset massage sessions are integrated inside the Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager which help with delivering not only an optimal quality Deep-tissue Shiatsu massage session but for those of whom which give preference to more softer motions, can benefit from Kneading air-pressure. Air-pressure based massage sessions aid with relieving any strain trapped within the ankles of users while the Deep-tissue Shiatsu massage sessions help with targeting core acupuncture points and nerves located in the feet of users. 

The user is also allowed the ability to create their customized massage sessions by being able to alter the massage intensity settings with just a press of a button. 

What I would caution prospective buyers about is the lack of a heat therapy embedded within the Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager. However, for the extremely reasonable price, there is not much I can complain about. Therefore, if you want a foot massager which delivers excellent quality, deep-tissue massage motions to the feet, that too on a tight budget, then I would recommend the Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager.

Introduction to Brookstone


Brookstone, as a manufacturer came into being in 1965; however, over the years turned out to become one of the leading retail suppliers of a variety of goods. As a manufacturer of Massage-affiliated products, Brookstone enjoys a dominant position within the USA market sphere of massage goods.

 Featuring a wide array of massage affiliated products, Brookstone has expanded its consumer base with the help of manufacturing models which cater to all prospective buyers with different price budgets, whether towards the lower end, a more moderate budget as well as a high-end budget.

Whether it is massage chairs you are in search of, hand-held massagers or even foot/leg massagers, Brookstone will have you fully covered with its vast collection, guaranteed to introduce you into the world of innovation. 

Buying Guide: How To Buy Brookstone Foot Massagers

If by this point, you have made up your mind about going ahead with the purchase of a Brookstone manufactured foot/leg massager; however, at the same time are unsure of which model to opt for, then let me make this decision a little easier for you.

In this section, I will be pointing out elements which each prospective buyer needs to keep in consideration before purchasing a foot-massager for ensuring that it best suits him/her along with the set objectives. 

Let's get to it then, shall we! 

Relaxation or Recovery

The ultimate reason behind why the purchase is being made, whether for attaining optimal comfort & relaxation or for enhancing the process of physical recovery & healing, plays a vital role in deciding which foot-massager to opt for. 

If you are a prospective buyer in need of a foot massager which will promote physical healing, then it is best advised to opt for models which have an effective heat-transmission system embedded inside. Foot massagers in such cases, like the Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager, may not be of much aid due to a lack of heat-transmitters. 

While on the other hand, the F10 TheraSqueeze Pro Foot Massager by Brookstone can make a considerable significance in enhancing the healing process or the recovery process of users with the help of highly advanced massage features embedded inside. 

Previous Health Conditions 

Consultation with a medical practitioner is always advised when opting for any form of massages, regardless of a foot massager or a massaging chair over-all. Although since centuries, massages have been known to aid with physical healing along with enhanced relaxation; however, in cases it may lead to aggravated pains as well. 

Therefore, it is highly advised to initially consult and medical ailments that may run in your family tree with a professional, to ensure that the utilization of a foot-massager may not in any way be unsafe.  

The Budget 

The initial budget set out by a prospective buyer always helps with limiting the options available within the market sphere. The lower the budget, the more limited the options available become. Luckily, Brookstone helps cater to users with varying massage budgets, for example, if you have a relatively tight budget then Brookstone i-need Soothing Foot Massager may be the choice for you. 

However, in case you have a relatively more moderate and a high-end price budget, then I would highly recommend keeping in consideration the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager since it delivers optimal comfort as well as physical recovery levels. 

Other aspects, such as the foot-size, along with the proposed massage target area also need to be kept in consideration when opting for a Brookstone Foot Massager. The homework you carry out now, at this stage before purchasing the model which will best suit you is what will make the money you spend on the purchase itself, worth it. 


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