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Over time, I began to understand that splurging money on a daily basis on regular trips to the spa or even hiring a personal masseuse as a form of massage therapy can be a lot more taxing upon my wallet or credit cards than I had primarily expected.

The cost of keeping my body relaxed as well as my Vertebrae via the spa, or a personal masseuse was turning out to be more of an inconvenience regarding time and as well expenditure than being relaxing.

Which is why I turned towards the usage of portable back massagers for keeping my Vertebrae fully healthy.

best back massager

Once your decision to splurge money on a back massager has been made, it is essential to carry out a thorough evaluation of the already existing back massagers within the market to best be able to identify the one for you.

I have; therefore, created this post featuring an extensive list of back massagers that you can buy in 2019, each with its main features, pros, cons as well as personal verdict to best help you out.

If you're in a hurry, you can quickly skim through the table below to see my list of best back massages.

Best Back Massagers 2019

Back Massager Reviews 2019

back massager reviews
Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage Pillow

The highlight feature for me when utilizing the Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage Pillow was that it incorporated within two different temperature modes including hot/cold increase user convenience by allowing them to choose from among the two.

An active heating system incorporated within ensures that optimal massage penetration takes place. While an aggregate of four different deep kneading massage nodes featuring Shiatsu is embedded within.

To deliver an enhanced massage experience, the massaging nodes are preset to change the direction of massage following every one minute for a more efficient experience. Furthermore, via its ergonomic design, the portable massage pillow can be used to fit behind the neck as well as the back perfectly.

One particular drawback that came into sight of the Niapo Neck and Back massager Massage Pillow was that the massaging nodes are very intense; therefore, the back massager is not ideal for those prospective buyers who prefer subtle massages.  

Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager

Which feature would I consider to be the highlight of the Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager? Well, it would be the option delivered to users for selecting the type, strength as well as massage location as per the user's wishes. 

Each of the massage motions can be controlled manually, or even automatically pre-set massage settings can be utilized by users for enhanced convenience. Highly advanced lithium, rechargeable batteries incorporated within can help deliver 2-hours of wireless massage experience to users.

The portable back/neck massage is exceptionally user-friendly alongside which,  easy-to-use hand straps can efficiently be pulled to maneuver the targeted massage motions.

One drawback I would ask prospective buyers to keep in consideration is that the Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager can only deliver 15 minutes of continuous massage timing, following which the device needs to be switched off for preventing it from overheating. 

Other than that the Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager has an incredibly sleek as well as an ergonomic design ideal for using the device on the go.

Gideon Powerful Vibrating Massager Seat Cushion

What makes the Gideon Powerful Vibrating Massager Seat Cushion among the Top 10 Best Back Massager of 2018? That would without a doubt be its ability to automatically shut off following 30 minutes of continuous massaging to best prevent the cushion from overheating. 

Users can choose from an aggregate of eight different massage motions to eradicate any tension points located within the back, lower back as well as the thighs. Heat therapy incorporated within aids with the generation of warmth to enhance massage penetration.

Furthermore, an extensive massage coverage is provided with a total of eight different massage nodes for targeting the vertebrae of users efficiently as well as the thighs are embedded within for an optimal massage experience.

Another great feature of the Gideon Powerful Vibrating Massage Seat Cushion massaging is that it is incredibly lightweight; therefore, highly portable. A highly easy-to-use, fully illuminated hand-held remote control enables users to function the portable back massager with utmost ease.

The Gideon Powerful Vibrating Massager Seat Cushion is not only useful in eradicating tension points from within the Vertebrae as well as the thighs of users but is additionally extremely easy to strap onto any desires chair; making it an ideal choice for prospective buyers.

Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

I like receiving a rather strong or an intense massage around the Vertebrae, which is what I love most about the Naipo Back Massage Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion; its ability to deliver an effective, high-intensity massage via powerful nodes. 

Manual customization can be achieved by users setting their desires massage targets ranging from the upper back, lower back and the thighs. Whereas, a human-like massage experience is imitated efficiently with the help of 3D deep tissue massage technology for optimal comfort.

For efficiently relaxing stiff muscles and tension build up, users can manually choose the option of heat transmission for increased levels of massage penetration.

With the help of several heat transmitters embedded within the massaging seat cushion, sufficient heating is provided. Eight different massage nodes spread out strategically throughout the seat cushion help provide extensive massage coverage initiating from shiatsu points targeting the neck all the way till the thighs.

Caution should; however, be taken by those that give preference to a somewhat subtle massaging experience since the massaging nodes of the Niapo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion around the neck can be too intense at times.

I would also; however, only recommend this to prospective buyers whom of which are relatively taller since the significant structure may be discomforting for short-sighted individuals.

LiBa Cordless Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager

A total aggregate of 4 powerful massaging nodes located within effectively target core points within the neck as well as the back of users for successfully eliminating any strain or tension knots presents within.

But, the feature I find most favorable of the LiBa Cordless Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager is the ability of each massaging node embedded within to automatically switch rotations between clockwise motions as well as anti-clockwise motions, to enhance relaxation.  

An active heat transmitter embedded within can be utilized by users when desired by manually switching it on. Wireless functioning of an aggregate of up to 2 hours is allowed with the help of rechargeable internal batteries.

Whereas, high-powered deep kneading massage nodes are incorporated within to help with delivering consistent quality massages for optimal massage penetration.

The thickness of the massaging cushion itself did prove to be an inconvenience since users cannot lay down upon it to avoid discomfort; therefore, caution should be taken by prospective buyers in considering this particular aspect. 

Viktor Jurgen Double Head Electric Full Body Massager

The Viktor Jurgen Double Head Electric Full Body Massager consists of customized massage settings which can be manually created with the help of altering the speed as well as the intensity of the massage being delivered.

What I did love most about the Viktor Jurgen Double Head Electric Full Body Massager is that manufacturers keep user convenience in mind, by delivering an extra long charging cord to allow for easy utilization of the massager.  

A handle, featuring a fully covered non-slip rubber grip enhances user convenience by providing a steady surface to hold onto. In addition to which, a total of 3, removable massage heads are delivered to provide users with a varying range of massage motions to choose from.

Finally, a highly compact design, and being lightweight allows users the convenience of portability as well as using the massager at home, in the car, or even in the office without any difficulties.

Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager

One of my favorite features of the Nursal Cordless Shoulder massager pertains to allowing users easy access for adjusting hand straps in attempts to find the ideal positioning of the massager.  

Shiatsu balls embedded within can deliver an exceptional massage experience to users by being able to mimic the 3D motion of a masseuse. At the same time, manual massage settings can easily be created by users with the help of different massage motion intensity settings as well as directions, to best cater their individual needs.

For delivering full convenience rechargeable batteries embedded within allow a wireless functional timing of 2 hours. Alongside which, heat transmitters implanted within enhance the effectiveness of the massaging motions being delivered by increasing massage penetration.

The Nursal Cordless Shoulder Massager can deliver an exceptional deep-tissue kneading massage experience to users via varying directions as well as intensities because of which prospective buyers should consider it.

zyllion shiatsu pillow massager

The most favored feature in my opinion and experience of utilizing the Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager would be its ergonomic design which allows users the ability to use the massaging pillow on all problematic body parts without affecting the performance.

Manufacturers also deliver a 1-year warranty in cases where the product might prove to be faulty to ensure that optimal user convenience is provided. To massage, highly advanced 3D technology embedded within the massaging nodes can deliver optimal results by giving a massage which perfectly mimics hand-like motions.

An efficient heating transmitter aids with enhancing massage penetration levels to eradicate any tension buildup present better within. To fully improve user safety, a 20-minutes automatic shut-off option is embedded within which then prevents the device from heating up.

The Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager featuring its extremely compact design is an ideal choice for prospective buyers, particularly with its extremely reasonable pricing. Efficiently adjustable straps provide users with the ability to attach the pillow to their desired surface for a more relaxing massage experience.

Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager

The Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager have embedded within multi-directional massage motions including clockwise as well as anti-clockwise movements help with deeper massage penetration.

The deliverance of an extended cordless battery life ranging between 2-3 hours is what I love most about the Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager, due to the sheer comfort and ease it offers.

A free, highly durable carrying bag is also delivered alongside the massager for enhancing the component of portability for users. Alongside which, to further strengthen massage penetration, heating is also embedded within so that strain or tension trapped within the muscles can efficiently be decreased if not eliminated.

The Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager is an excellent choice for prospective buyers in search for a massager to be able to deliver consistent massage on-the-go.

Featuring portability as well as the ability to provide exceptional shiatsu massages, the Cordless Rechargeable Neck & Back Shiatsu Massager is a must-buy.

Eteckcity Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager

What is it that makes the Eteckcity Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager so unique? Well, for me, it's the minimalistic noise it generates when functioning; therefore, profoundly enhancing the experience of users.  

For an optimal massage experience, the choice of switching on the heat transmitter is also provided to users to cater their needs best. An aggregate of 8 total massaging nodes furthermore is incorporated with the sole purpose of efficiently eradicating as well as relaxing users for increased blood flow.

Aside from preset massaging sessions, customized massages can be created by users manually selecting the desired massage motion intensity. Lastly, advanced nodes provide a multi-directional massaging motion to increase the effectiveness of the massage being delivered to users.

The Eteckcity Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager delivers excellent user convenience; therefore, is highly recommended.

With the help of easy-to-use straps as well as an entirely copper motor to prevent the device from overheating, users can solely rely on the massaging device to deliver an ideal massaging experience.

How to Choose a Good Back Massager?

how to choose a back massager

It is essential to keep the Vertebrae fully relaxed as well as strain or tension-knots free since it is among the core body parts which keep the body functioning regularly.

Since daily trips to the spa or the masseuse can prove to be taxing on not only time but also money, individuals now often opt for other sources of massage therapy such as portable massagers. 

Portable massagers not only are more comfortable on the wallet of buyers but also provide the convenience of delivering consistent quality massages anytime as well as anywhere.

Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

Although portable back massagers may be relatively cheaper alternatives of receiving a massage on a daily or desired frequency; yet, the decision of finalizing upon the back massager which caters your individual needs can still be a tricky task. 

Components and factors such as those mentioned below can help make the task of deciding upon a massager to purchase can relatively be made less arduous.  

The Budget

Although indulging in the decision to purchase a portable back massager can be a relatively cheaper alternative when compared to daily massage sessions in the spa or with a private masseuse; yet, pricing of each back massager may vary. The usual range initiates from $20 and can rise till $200 depending upon the manufacturers, features incorporated within as well as the durability of the device.

budget back massager

A preset budget decided upon by prospective buyers can alter their available options within the market significantly, for example, Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion for Full Back costs a sheer total of $154 whereas Naipo Lower Back Massager cushion costs only $45.

Prospective buyers with a relatively tight budget will have a limited number of options available mostly consisting of back massager cushions while those on a more moderate price range will have a vast amount of options to choose from, including full seat massaging cushions.

Full Seat Massaging Cushion, A Trigger-point Pillow Massager or Wand Massager

Each of the types of portable back massager mentioned above has its distinctive outer structure and design. Although a full-seat back massager, a trigger-point pillow as well as a wand massager are all easily portable, the level of convenience delivered to users regarding their portability may differ.

Due to the extremely compact size of a wand massager, it effectively offers the highest level of convenience to users regarding portability. Its ergonomic structure allows users the ability to place it inside hand-held bags without any difficulty.

back massager

With such back massagers though, certain aspects do need to be taken into consideration such as the grip offered by the handle, wireless battery life as well as the option of removable massage heads. 

Since wand massagers rely heavily upon the hands of users efficiently maneuvering the massage, it is essential for the handle to be fully covered in non-slip rubber to provide optimal grip.

With the case of trigger-point cushion massagers, it is essential to keep in mind that users cannot lay upon them nor place too much of weight upon them since they tend to lack durability. Ideal for prospective buyers with a relatively lower budget, trigger-point cushions can be used to massage not only the neck or the back of uses but also any to every part of the body desired due to their pillow-like sizing.

Full size back massager seat cushions are relatively the largest and the heaviest among each of the types mentioned above. They are relatively more significant since they aim to massage not only the back of users but also the neck as well as the hips and thighs simultaneously.

Ideal for placement on office chairs, at home as well as in the car with the help of user-friendly attachable straps, such back massagers should be opted for by prospective buyers who want maximum massage time wherever they may be.

Vibration or Deep Kneading

Not all models available within the market consist of both vibrating massaging motions embedded within as well as Shiatsu or deep kneading form of massage; therefore, extra consideration needs to be paid upon this matter by prospective buyers.

For those of whom which prefer, intense more strengthened massage motions, back-massagers with the ability to deliver Shiatsu or deep kneading should be given preference. While vibrating motors used as the single generation of massaging motions should be opted for by those that like being subject to relatively more subtle massages.

Mentioned above are just three of the most critical factors that should be taken into consideration before finalizing upon a back massager to purchase, other aspects such as automatic shut-off system, the efficiency of heat transmitters, the option to create customised massages should also be analyzed.


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