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A geek at heart, 5'7, 22 years old, single, expert in psychological science and massage therapy. I am a fun loving girl and love to travel and explore the world. I hope you find my blog useful. Leave a message :)

Kahuna SM-7300 Review 2018 | Should You Choose to Buy it?

Keeping in consideration my years of personal experience with utilizing massage chairs and related products manufactured by Kahuna Massage Chairs, it is safe for me to say that those tested, have always left me feeling as though every penny I spent was worth it.  If you consider yourself to be a prospective buyer specifically interested […]

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Head Massage – Tips, Techniques, and Benefits

Originating from the tradition of Indian family grooming, the Indian Head massage can be dated back to a practice which was prevalent even a thousand years ago. The practice of an Indian Head Massage consists of the utilization of a mixture of pure essential oils merged within the process of massaging the head of both […]

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Best Massage Techniques for Stroke Patients

With the National Stroke Awareness month coming up, three months from now, in May, I took out the time to specifically dedicate this post to explaining as well as discussing the advantages as well as the best massage techniques suitable for stroke patients. If you wish to know more, keep on reading! A stroke is caused […]

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Top 5 Cozzia Massage Chairs in the Market

A relatively new as well as an uncommon name within the massage chair market sphere is that of Cozzia Massage Chairs. Although not a conventional brand; yet, Cozzia features an array of different models within the market integrating elements which aid with fulfilling their motto of providing unparalleled services via pain relief as well as […]

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8 Best Kahuna Massage Chairs of 2018

If there is one manufacturer I would highly recommend to prospective buyers featuring a relatively moderate budget, It would without any second doubts be Kahuna Massage Chairs. Massage chairs manufactured under Kahuna Massage Chairs are not only reliable but also extremely durable. Each model is integrated with optimal massaging features that too available at a […]

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Top 5 Luraco Massage Chairs Available in the Market

Has the search for the perfect luxury massage chair been too arduous for you? Are you in search of massage chairs whom of which deliver not only utmost comfort but also sheer relaxation? Well, no need to look any further, Luraco Technologies is among the massage chair manufacturers that are known to produce solely luxury massage […]

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