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A geek at heart, 5'7, 22 years old, single, expert in psychological science and massage therapy. I am a fun loving girl and love to travel and explore the world. I hope you find my blog useful. Leave a message :)

Best 3D Massage Chairs 2020

You may have heard of 3D animations; you may have heard of 3D designs; however, what may be relatively new to you would be 3D forms of massage delivered via massage chairs. The concept of massage chairs delivering a 3D form of experience to users pertains to the working of useful varying intensity rollers strategically placed […]

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Best Shiatsu Foot Massagers 2020

Does your busy, labor-intensive routine keep your feet feeling tremendously tired at the end of the day, every day, all year-round?  Are you tired of making expensive trips to the spa for a relaxing foot-massage regularly?  Are you looking for a convenient way out from having to take the time out to drive to and […]

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STRONGLITE Massage Chair Review

Although portable massage chairs are manufactured to be utilized by not only professionals but also non-specialists, whom of which wish to provide a relaxing experience for their loved ones at home.Such type of portable massage chairs are most commonly used within either spa’s or by massage therapists who provide massage sessions within the vicinity of […]

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Swedish Massage – The Most Comprehensive Guide

In spas around the globe, clients often opt for a Swedish massage above other types, since it involves minimalistic pressure being placed onto the body; yet, it is done so in such a manner that a state of optimal relaxation is delivered to clients via the masseuse. If you wish to know of a comprehensive overview […]

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5 Best Massage Chairs for Old People

The human body requires special needs as it begins to age with time, unless proper care is taken of the overall anatomy, especially the muscles, they can start to deteriorate over relatively a high pace. As old age begins to loom, various aches and pains all around the body start to surface which according to the […]

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