Are Massage Chairs Good for Joint Pain Relief?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 10.5 million people in the US suffer from chronic joint pain. As mentioned by the CDC, chronic joint pain is measured at seven and above on a scale of 1-10.

The worst part of the story is that severe joint pain is mostly a result of arthritis. 

One in four arthritis patients has defined joint pain as severe. Sadly, arthritis has no permanent cure so, once you're diagnosed with the disease, it remains with you for life.

In simple words, it's a lifelong illness that doesn't give you a break. The usual go-to treatment for most people is taking pain relief medicines, but do you think popping out a painkiller twice or thrice a day is easy?

Needless to say, allopathic medicines have various side effects. They do not just affect your liver, but your digestive system as well. I'm sure everyone can relate to it. Take a Tylenol twice a day for a week, and you'll feel an unusual discomfort in your stomach.

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The question is, how can you manage joint pain without taking pain relief medicines? What can you do about it? Do you have anything in mind? Well, I have the perfect solution to your problem. Yes, a massage chair is what you need.

Chair massage therapy has countless health benefits, and pain relief happens to be one of them. It is mainly the reason why physicians and pain specialists from around the world recommend body massage for the management of joint pain.

Do you know that your body has an unusual way of working? Whenever a muscle is damaged or tired, it uses another muscle to compensate for the first one. It puts excessive pressure on your muscles as well as joints while causing pain and discomfort.

You may not be aware of it, but chair massage therapy can naturally release physical tension and stress. Thus, it is worth giving a shot.

How Does Chair Massage Therapy Help with Joint Pain?

chair massage therapy for joint pain

As you know, joints are a part of the body that connects the bones to each other. It helps your body move properly, so when it hurts, it significantly affects your body movement.

Joint pain can be mild, moderate, or severe. It is incredibly uncomfortable, regardless of the pain intensity. It is one of the most prevalent issues these days, attacking everyone from children to adults and older people, which is alarming.

If you or any of your loved ones suffer from joint pain, it would be best to invest in a massage chair. As a matter of fact, regular use of massage chairs can successfully help you in the management of joint pain.

It can relax your muscles and joints that are most overused, given the hectic lives of everyone. I'm sure you must be thinking, how can a massage chair be so helpful with pain management?

Alright. Let me break it up for you! Here's how massage chairs can be beneficial in case of joint pain:

  • Chair massage therapy can increase blood circulation in the body that can help in joint pain.
  • It can reduce cellular inflammation that is one of the common causes of joint pain.
  • It can control the production of stress hormones in the body that are directly related to joint pain.
  • It can increase bone strength that is a dire need for people going through joint pain.
  • It can provide perfect alignment to your spine, targeting a common cause of joint pain.
  • It can enhance your body's flexibility and mobility that is highly affected by joint pain.
  • It can regulate sleep that is affected the most because of such body aches.

5 of the Best Massage Chairs for Combating Joint Pain

If you're looking for a massage in order to treat joint pain, a basic massage chair is not going to cut it. You would need to buy a high-end massage chair that comes with three-dimensional massage programs with different massage intensities.

Besides that, it also needs to have a heating feature. Heat therapy is exceptionally advantageous for pain relief. Yes, you can take heat therapy with a hot water bottle as well, but chair massage, when combined with heat therapy, is the best combination in the world.

Thereby, you must be careful when buying a massage chair for combating joint pain. Finding the right product is not easy, so let me list down a few options to help you with the process:

1. Lzour Full-Body 3D Massage Recliner
  • Zero gravity design, 50 airbags placed to arms shoulder and foot, covers full body area.
  • Seat Vibration:Seat vibration to hips, add airbag massage.
  • Back Heating:Built-in waist heater, promote blood circulation.

2. Lzour Full-Body 3D Massage Recliner
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  • ERGONOMIC UNIBODY TRACK - Designed with a unibody track that covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional massage...
  • 3D AND 4D PROGRAMS - This high-performance massager comes with 38 wellness programs that offer a unique experience for each...

3. Lzour Full-Body 3D Massage Recliner
  • 3D/4D Mechanism - 3D allows for adjustable intensity while the embedded 4D technology varies the speed of the speed of the...
  • Industry Leading 49" L-track design reaches from neck and shoulders to the gluteous muscles
  • Kneading and oscillating calf massage deeply kneads sore tired muscles

4. Lzour Full-Body 3D Massage Recliner
  • Most technically up-to-date, fast-responding, heavy-duty, and smart handheld touch-screen control. Same platform as in...
  • Pause and resume buttons, 6 locations for multi-intensity massage controls
  • Noise reduction technology - lets the user relax in peace. ; body stretching; advanced foot massage with double rollers and...

5. Lzour Full-Body 3D Massage Recliner
  • Advanced 3D Technology, Auto Body Scan, L-Track Massage
  • Space Saving Technology, Zero Gravity Mode, 6 Massage Styles
  • 16 Auto Massage Programs, Space Saving Technology, Heating on Lumbar, calves

The Takeaway

Joint pain can, indeed, take a toll on your health. It can affect your body's movement as well as sleep-wake cycle while disturbing your routine. It is primarily why you'll see a lot of people whining about the issue.

Do you want to live a dependable life where you need others' support to get the little things done? Do you wish to survive on painkillers? Of course, nobody wants that.

All you need to do is invest in the right place, and I'm confident you won't regret the decision. Chair massage therapy can effectively help manage joint pain without any side effects. Yes, you can take chair massage therapy from a spa or wellness club, but it will cost you hundreds of dollars every time.

Henceforth, it's a sensible decision to purchase a massage chair for your home.

Let's say it's a cost-effective method to treat joint pain and other body aches. I agree it requires a significant initial investment, but it's only for the first time. Give it a try, and I know you'll be more than delighted! Keep safe, pals!

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